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Microgreens FAQ

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Microgreens FAQ

Q: What are Microgreens?
Microgreens are just tiny vegetables, larger than sprouts such as our beloved bean sprouts (tau-gay). but much smaller than baby salad leaves. They are usually harvested when the first pair of true leaves start to grow (the first leaves you see are seed leaves aka cotyledons). They taste like their adult counterpart, but usually taste much more intense. Microgreens are also 4-6 times more nutritious than the adult vegetables.

Q: How do I eat Microgreens?
Microgreens are tastiest and most nutritious when consumed raw, do make sure that you give them a good rinse in clean water after harvesting. Use them as garnishes on any dishes and soups, add them to your salad mixes, in sandwiches, as microgreen salad sides, blend them into smoothies, the sky is the limit!

Q: Are your seeds certified NON-GMO?
All our seeds are certified NON-GMO.

Q: Are your seeds certified organic?
A: Check out our individual seed page, organic variants are listed as such. All our seeds intended for growing microgreens are NON-GMO and untreated with chemicals (fungicide, insecticide and other nasties), satisfying the requirement for seeds used in organically grown crops, learn more over here. They are also phyto-sanitary inspected before import. 

Q: Are your seeds non-hybrid?
A: Heirloom, hybrid, organic, GMO. Are these terms confusing to you? There are plenty of information as well as mis-information among the community, just like it is with other hobbies. Seed hybridization is a naturally occuring process, just as when a golden retriever falls in love with a labrador retriever. There is nothing "bad" or "unhealthy" about hybrid seeds, where seed producers select the best traits from their plants and cross breed by hand pollination. Learn more over here and here.

Q: Why can't I use regular vegetable seeds for growing Microgreens?
A: Psst, let me tell you a secret.... You can! Some seed retailers claim that microgreen seeds are developed "that way for a reason" and that they germinate faster and grow more uniform. That is utter nonsense! In fact, it can be argued that chemically treated vegetable seeds germinate better as they have been treated against mold and pests! Seeds for growing microgreens are exactly the same as those used for growing their adult variant. The exception is that since we are harvesting them at a much younger stage, we do not want any nasty chemical treatment on the seeds. We also require much more seeds for growing microgreens, and seeds sold for the purposes of growing adult vegetables are much more expensive per gram.

Q: How can I be sure of the germination rate?
A: We are urban farming enthusiasts ourselves, and have been disappointed in the past to have purchased commercial vegetable seeds sold past their viable dates, resulting in poor or no germination.

Before the import process, our seed producer will conduct a germination test with documentation provided. Thereafter, we maintain regular testing (we love growing microgreens!).

At Urban Harvest, we guarantee that seeds sold to you germinate well. This is reflected in our refund policy found here.

Q: I want to grow Microgreens, is it easy and is it time consuming?
A: A 3 year old kid can grow their own microgreens with guidance! If you have 5 minutes of time to spare a day, you can be a successful urban farmer with a consistent supply of fresh and nutritious microgreens!

Q: How do I get started?
A: Check out our simple guide to growing microgreens. All you need is a recycled container such as a takeaway food box, planting medium such as organic soil or coco peat, seeds and a spray bottle. Filter our seeds by "Easy Growing", these seeds are much more forgiving for the new urban farmers!

Q: Do I need to pre-soak the seeds?
Some of the larger seeds such as peas and sunflower seeds requires pre-soaking between 8 - 12 hours for optimal germination, while some such as beet only require 1-2 hours of soaking. Do check out the individual seed product page for their requirements.

Q: Which growing medium should I use?
A: There is no easy answer to this question! If we have to recommend an all-in-one answer, it would be organic potting mix. We have had great experiences with O'Green Living's potting soil, support local! If you prefer going soil-less, microgreens grow well on coco-peat, vermiculite / perlite mixes, hemp mats, and some microgreens such as pea shoots do well with just water and the right technique. Experiment and let us know your favourite! 

Q: Do I need grow lights?
A: They are not required for growing microgreens, even standard indoor lighting will be sufficient. Ideally, leave your grow trays beside a sunny window and that will be sufficient. If you are growing your crop to the baby / full leaves stage, you will require either a bright uncovered balcony or a wide spectrum grow light.

Q: Why do I get mold on my microgreens?
A: Firstly, make sure that it really is mold growing, and not fine root hair that you are mistaking as mold! Mold looks like fine spiderwebs, smell a little funky and is still visible after watering. To prevent mold from growing, make sure that you thoroughly clean your growing trays between harvests, and grow your microgreens in a well ventilated area. Sunlight is the nemesis of mold, try to position them in sunlight by the window. Lastly, you might have sown the seeds too densely resulting in lesser airflow among the microgreens. 

Q: How many times can I harvest microgreens?
Some microgreens such as pea shoots and wheatgrass can grow again after the first harvest. However, we do not recommend it as the second growth is usually tougher, takes a longer time to regrow, and just do not taste as good. 

Q: Are microgreens good for (insert name of medical condition)?
Microgreens contain a wide variety of vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and other nutrients that are essential to a healthy body, and may offer protective benefits against many ailments. Incorporating microgreens into your diet will no doubt offer plenty of health benefits. However, they are not miracle remedies, and it will be unethical for us to suggest so. When in doubt, speak with your doctor and registered nutritionist!

Shop and General FAQ

Q: Where is your shop located?
Urban Harvest operates on a fully online basis. In addition to our main site here, you can also find us on Facebook shop, Carousell and Lazada. If you require any in person assistance, do contact us via email, Facebook or Instagram, we love to help!

Q: Do you conduct workshops?
We do not have any routinely scheduled workshops, but will be happy to do so. Drop us a message and we will try to accommodate, schedule permitting.

Q: How long will my order take to arrive?
Orders are sent out daily at 10 am. For Singpost regular mail, it will take around 1 - 3 working days. For courier deliveries, they are made on every Wednesday and Sunday. If you have any urgent requests, do let us know as soon as possible and we will try to make things happen, additional delivery charges may apply.

Q: I run a community farm, do you offer bulk discounts?
We have had experiences partnering with corporate, school and community farms. Do drop us a mail at contact@urbanharvest.sg. 

Q: Do you cater to retail enquiries / affiliate marketing?
Yes, do drop us a mail at contact@urbanharvest.sg.