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Grow Broccoli microgreens in 10 days!

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Hope every one is doing well! As promised, here is a simple guide to growing Broccoli microgreens in Singapore, using seeds from our 5 grams sample pack and a recycled takeaway container.

Fill up a container with around 4 cm of organic soil / coco peat. In this tutorial, we will be using coco peat. Tamp down the potting medium of your choice and give it a light spray of water. Sow the seeds evenly, 5 grams of seeds will be perfect for our standard food takeaway containers. After sowing, give the seeds another light spray and keep them away from direct sunlight so that they do not dry out. You can cover the container with damp newspaper or cloth to keep it humid.

In just a day or two, the seeds would have germinated, you can see the tiny roots poking out! At this stage, continue covering the container to keep the environment dark and humid. Give the sprouts a light spray of water to make sure they do not dry out, taking care not to drench the potting mix.

Freshly germinated broccoli seeds

It have been 2 days since sowing, our Broccoli seedlings are looking great! Having been under blackout, they tend to look yellowish, this is normal. At this point, we will continue giving them a light spray of water once or twice a day, and there is no longer a need to keep them in the dark.

Broccoli seedlings coming out of blackout period

The following picture was taken the same evening, after a full day of sunlight, look at how fast our Broccoli babies are growing!

Broccoli microgreen seedlings after coming out of blackout

Here are our Broccoli microgreens just 4 days after sowing. This is why Broccoli microgreens are so suitable for the impatient and lazy urban farmer *guilty*.

Broccoli microgreens 4 days after sowing

It's time to harvest! The seeds were sown on the 19th of August and harvested on the 29th of August, just 10 days!!! If you have not tried growing microgreens yet, do give this a try and we look forward to seeing your bountiful harvest! 

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