Orach, Fire Red Seeds

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Orach belongs to the spinach family, and are sometimes referred to as "Mountain Spinach". This fire red variant comes in a brilliant crimson purple, color being most intense in the microgreen stage. Its unique violet arrowhead leaves will brighten up any salad mixes. Tastes a little salty, earthy and spinach like.

Some percentage of these seeds will be dormant, this is usual for Orach. Harvest in 18 days for microgreens, or grow them as baby leaves and harvest in 28 days.

  • Scientific Name: Atriplex hortensis
  • Seed count: 440 seeds / gram approximate
  • Seeding density: 2-3 grams / plastic takeaway container (7 x 4.5 inches )
  • Pre-soaking: Not required
  • Growth Medium: Organic soil or cocopeat
  • Germination: 2-3 days
  • Blackout Period: 2-4 days
  • Harvest in: 12 - 18 days for microgreens, up to a month for baby leaves
  • Seed Origin: China

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