Mustard, Osaka Purple Seeds

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Osaka purple mustard is an attractive variant from Japan, and is among the easiest microgreen to grow. They have an interesting blend of color - medium green splotched and dotted with violet. Tasting pungent like how mustard should be, a little goes a long way. Try using this zesty microgreen as a replacement for wasabi! 

Can be grown to baby leaves if harvested in around 21 days, where the pungent taste will lower in intensity. 

  • Scientific Name: Brassica juncea
  • Seed count: 550 seeds / gram approximate
  • Seeding density: 5 grams / plastic takeaway container (7 x 4.5 inches )
  • Pre-soaking: Not required
  • Growth Medium: Organic soil or cocopeat
  • Germination: 2-3 days
  • Blackout Period: 2-4 days
  • Harvest in: 8 - 12 days
  • Seed Origin: USA

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