Basil (Genovese) Seeds

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We are all familiar with basil leaves, now its time to have them as a micro-herb!

Genovese basil is also commonly known as sweet basil. It is the most widely used variant of basil, regularly used in tomato sauces, pesto, pizza and soup.

Basil microgreens are slightly more challenging to grow compared to the usual microgreens, growling slower and shorter than typical microgreens. In exchange for the trouble, you are rewarded with a superbly intense basil flavor.

Can be grown into your typical basil plant, remember to keep pruning to encourage branching and preventing your basil plant from flowering!

  • Scientific Name: Ocimum basilicum
  • Seed count: 670 seeds / gram approximate
  • Pre-soaking: Do not presoak / mucilegenous seeds
  • Growth Medium: Organic soil or cocopeat
  • Germination: 5-7 days
  • Blackout Period: 4-7 days
  • Harvest in: 12 - 16 days
  • Seed Origin: USA

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