About Us

Who Is Urban Harvest?

At the heart of it, Urban Harvest comprises 2 wannabe urban farmers who wanted to supplement their veggie consumption by growing their own using quality GMO-free seeds. One is a cool vegetarian by choice and the other is a noob (newbie) who is growing veggies for her rabbits and family.

Urban Harvest aims to offer a wider variety of microgreen seeds to the local urban farming community; so spade-up, come join us regardless if you are a ‘seasoned’ urban farmer or just starting out on this journey.  


Why Are We Doing This?

A few years ago, we had a hard time sourcing for quality vegetable seeds in a bid to supplement our own consumption. A strict import regulation coupled with high import cost, it just doesn’t seem to make much economical sense to buy 5 grams of seeds to grow a single tray of microgreens for our own consumption. Frustrated with the high costs and limited offerings in Singapore, Microseed.sg was set up in 2017. It was subsequently rebranded as Urban Harvest SG in 2020. You could say that we are passionate urban farmers first, retailer second. 


What Else You Should Know About Us?

We are also keenly conscious of the sustainable living movement so we are mindful of the materials we use for packaging. As much as possible, we would opt for biodegradable or reusable materials (We did ponder very long about the use of bubble-wrap actually. We are still wondering if there are better ways to protect the seeds during delivery. Drop us a line, if you have got ideas!).


Chat and make friends fellow urban farmers

We don’t promise to know everything under the sun but if you have any queries, get in touch with us and we will see how we can help.


Our Unofficial Contacts:

Cool Vegetarian: ken@urbanharvest.sg

Noob Rabbit Lady: dawn@urbanharvest.sg